AMAonline, an editorial project of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basque Country, is structured around three sections, each inspired by the work of the feminist science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin: while ‘Harvesting Knowledge’ derives from her influential essay “The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction”, ‘A Matter of Words’ and ‘No Time To Spare’ directly quote two of her last collections of short-forms. This platform aims at continuing her practice of disseminating dispatches on what matters to the present of art.

Every month, a collaborator of the museum hand-picks a selection of what they have been reading, watching, or listening to online recently

Poetic, theoretical, fictional, analytical, scholarly, personal, written or oral: art discourse takes on various forms, and adopts different styles and genres within the museum’s activities

Writers, curators, artists, thinkers from various disciplines share reflexive and speculative insights on the future of artistic and institutional practices

Infinite Scroll

"Gold 20"

The ‘Volcano of Occupation’ Is Erupting Again: Responding to the Bombings of Gaza 

From October 7

The Words

My Tabs (on 22 September 2023)

Guadalupe Echevarria Adventurous Spirit

What is still pending

The Wet and The Dry

On Work Processes. Erlea Maneros Zabala in Conversation with Beatriz Herráez

Leave for later

Artist talk - Amarantus


How We Might Live

Artist Talk - Black Place

Artists' Writings

Thinking with water, thinking in waves

The museum, between fine arts and the mass media

Chapter 2, V. W.

Words Like Love: Alphaville, First Scenes, 2017

From Casino to Lazarett - Exercises for Remediating The Museum

Xabier Salaberria: Redoing the Demos