Artist Talk – Black Place

Artist Jutta Koether was in conversation with Beatriz Herráez and Catalina Lozano on the occasion of the opening of her exhibition at Artium Museoa, on October 28, 2022.

The exhibition “Black Place” brought together works in a variety of formats and materialities, from large-scale canvases in which the artist reappropriates works by artists such as Botticelli or Rubens – made on the ground in a manner almost akin to performance in places where they were initially exhibited with a sense of immediacy in their making – to medium and small format works on various formats in which Koether often applies other materials, thereby exceeding the limits of traditional painting, influenced by DIY and punk.

Although Koether’s work has always featured the history of painting as a subject, her strategies of appropriation have varied, as has the way in which text has been introduced into her work.