On Work Processes. Erlea Maneros Zabala in Conversation with Beatriz Herráez

While preparing her exhibition The Voice of the Valley, which was on view at Artium Museoa, from April to September 2022, artist Erlea Maneros Zabala was also thinking of, and working on her first monographic catalogue that the Museum had committed to publish. Released in March 2023, The Voice of the Valley goes beyond a conventional contemporary artist survey book. In this conversation with Artium Museoa’s director Beatriz Herráez, which is featured in the book, Maneros Zabala explains the reasoning behind the making of this highly original editorial object, the influence of her newly formed friendship with American new narrative writer Dodie Bellamy, the role of graphic designer Filiep Tacq, and her interest in diving again into the materiality of the works from the exhibition to form another type of landscape, filled with images, voices, and sounds. A co-publication between Artium Museoa and Paraguay, Paris, The Voice of the Valley is distributed internationally by Les Presses du Réel and IDEA Books.

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