Artists’ Writings

Thomas Boutoux: Your work often discloses a life spent with words, reading literature, poetry, stories, which we sometimes can find echoes and traces of in your sculptures or your exhibitions. Writing is, or so it seems, a more recent undertaking. What part does writing  play in your practice ? And when and where does writing happen for you?

Katinka Bock: It is a certain kind of listening that makes me want to write. Songs, conversations with friends, readings aloud, consultations at the physiotherapist’s, chatting while queuing, words of love, but also painful moments, sometimes insults. 

Writing is like photography: you have to dare to be figurative! Sculpture goes through abstraction, it’s my armour. The word is a container with a more defined form than the invented form of sculpture. Why now? Because I have overcome a form of shyness! These are small revenges.  

Writing is done in solitude. Often I write in a moment of discomfort, in a moment of irritation with the world, but with a melody, a rhythm in my head. Taking notes is a starting point, but the links between the lines are where it happens. It’s not so far from sculpture after all.

We present here three recent short forms by Katinka Bock: Logbook (2020), Efficace Efficace (2022) and Sound Pieces (2023). Katinka Bock’s exhibition “Logbook” was on view at Artium Museoa from March to September 2021.